Car crush

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Alfa, Bristol, Jaguar,
Autos of my car-mad youth
BMW, Fiat, Saab,
Adolescent motor brands
Fuelling lifelong passion.

Morris Countryman
Mallard green, named Egbert
First car of freedom
Took me miles away from home
To York and university.

Then the two-tone Saab
Swedish shades of forest green
Failed to hide its rusting bulk
No transport of delight though
Gift to graceless teenager.

Next a Renault 5
Blue remembered bargain
Flipped on muddy motorway
En route to other freedoms
Ego, car well dented.

Then a golden Starlet
Toyota not a schleb
Innocenti De Tomaso
Roaring clatter of
Rust and petrol fumes.

Green Volkswagen Golf
Grandma’s pristine cast-off
Sold to fund career
‘67 Fiat 600 ashtray
So named for its size.

Black MG Metro
Ad exec now on the rise
Citroen Visa GTI
80s incarnate in black and red
Envy scratch down one side.
White BM Cabrio
Peak of budding ad career
Gretel was her name
Balanced by blue prosaic
Vauxhall Nova daily driver.

Two years in the middle
Carless, planet-saving vacuum
Travelling the world
But by air, train, bus and foot
A short-lived interregnum.

Red VW Passatt
Many wandering miles later
A hemisphere away
Died twice in Namibia
Called sat Passatt and rightly so.

Baby blue Mazda 323
Pensioners pride from Fishhoek
A car without aircon in
A country voting, taking
Its first proud breaths of freedom.

Navy blue Be-em
Memories of teenage years
Less than perfect car
Bought from Italian stallion
Totalled by wayward women.

Never the same again
Shadow of its former self
Replaced by Caddy
One and only car bought new
Lime green armadilloed bakkie.

Bakkie cover leaks
Broken into once too often
Funky Freelander
Swopped in sunny Stellenbosch
Best 4×4 by far.
Oh sorry tale of woe
Worse than Sat Passatt of yore
The Land Rover curse
Utterly unreliable
British transport to the core.

Made in Japan the
Only answer to such woes
Another SUV
Saviour of my sanity
Welcome Honda of wonder.

So much so another
Honda followed, Jazz by name
The yellow peril
Never lost in car parks
Retina challenging gold.

Final special choice
Memento to dear Mum and Mike
British Special Edition
Of another German roadster.

Symbol of the crush
Shark-like BMW Z3
Boston Racing Green
Fulfilment of parental cues
Breathing power and memory.

And so the road continues
Petrol pumping blood
Yet more incarnations rise
Regardless of the planet
What next for the addiction?

ADDENDUM – 31/7/14

Honda gone yonder
Yellow peril swopped and sold
For grey-blue Terios
Thor by name and nature norse
Chris Hemsworth eat my dust!

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