Finding my way

0 Posted by - February 5, 2015 - Verse, Worse

Inertia, sloth, a deadly sin or two
Smother and suppress
An age of energy passed
The era of the disco nap
Long gone.

The middle passage stretches
Way ahead and past
Tireless nights in clubs
Consigned to history
Long gone.

Summers on the beach
Tanning in the yard
Long hours at the gym
Living for the night
Long gone.

Sleep so seldom deep
Often interrupted
Plagues the trying day
Sapping the vitality
Long gone.

Sloughing off a year of woe
Numbing rites of loss
Keep me holding back
From meeting my needs
Long gone.

Seeking a way out
Back to who I was
Before the year just past
Claiming back the boy
Long gone.

And now where to look
For inspiration sapped
Direction lost and loose
En route to growing up
Long gone?

Writing brings it forth
Passions won and lost
Stagnant now and fading
How to spur the spirit
Long gone?

Morning pages counsel
Skimming off the dross
Sifting for the gold beneath
Gleams of written wisdom
Long gone.

Another year begins
Resolutions fading
Before the ink has dried
Struggling to make headway
Long lost.

Yoga, meditation,
Salves to soothe the soul
Seek to create grounding
Life just bumbling onward
Long lost.

Seeking meaning after deaths
Of others and oneself
The mysteries of living
Misting over memories
Long lost.

Taking steps to reason
Making sense of endings
Embrace the middle passage
Grasp the adult torch
Soon lost.

None but self can do it
No one else to look to
Meditate the meaning
Scooping deep within for
Song lost.

Finding other tunes to sing
Making music central
To another way of seeking
New visions and horizons
Song sought.

Writing to save the soul
Seeking undercurrents
Diving down for meaning
Bringing into light
Song sought.

Grasping at the barriers
Yearning to progress
Beyond long passage doors
At tunnel’s lighted end
Song sought.

The way ahead more plotted
Aching to move on
Destiny so complex
Make it simpler for me
Song sought.

Discipline unnatural
No one else to blame
Strike a pose diurnal
Keep the fingers busy
Songs sought.

Cadences and rhythms
Rippling from my hands
Seeking words and patterns
Themes to people verses of
Songs sought.

Writing helping healing
Stories to be shared
Revealing loss and meaning
Helping others hear
Songs lost.

Writing out of selflessness
Words to help the lost
Bat away the selfish gene
By dredging into light
Songs found.

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