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Names slice through time
Retrieving decades
Glimpses of the past
Returning like cardinals
To chattering reeds
Seeking renewal.

Old flames and friends
From other continents
Loves stretched, some lost,
Leaving life behind until
Midlife’s early chill
Craves reconnection.

Which loves survive
What brings them back
When distance breaks the will
To keep in touch
Life’s business taking over
Wresting control?

How to break out
Say now or never
Lubricate shared stories
Words or faces
Finding platforms
Seeking meaning.

A book bears witness
Maupin’s City Tales
The Days of Anna Madrigal
Latest, maybe last
Of noble line
Fired up in 1978.

36 years
Of love and loss and
Unalloyed admiration
Of plot and character
Played and laid.
With Tom Wakefield
Hero so unsung
Comic writing heroes
Calling me to follow on
Legacies to leave
Marks to make.

So do we all
Not seek the same
Proof we were here
Made things better
Lit up the world
Eased others’ way.

Maybe we don’t
Maybe we do but still
The Middle Passage calls
Us to account
Not only for ourselves
But for our world.

Time then to launch
Our biggest dreams
And let them heal the world
Say it out loud
And sing it clear
Seeking solace.

A wise man asked
What would you do with
Just one year to live?
To me quite clear:
See the world, go home
And write a book.

I steal ahead
With this new fragment
Of work in progress
Waiting to be slotted
Into a mosaic-tale
Of life to date.

The challenge is
To find an essence
To capture meaning
To bring a message home
To fight the chaos
And find some calm.

But more than that
To mould a message
To spark a nerve
To swell a person’s heart
To change a world:
Seeking little then?

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